We have been lucky to work with some amazing businesses.

We have worked with businesses in women's fashion, children's fashion, beauty, real estate, property management, property investment, healthcare, wellness, finance, tour companies and more. We are proud to assist many of our clients on an ongoing basis. See what some of our clients have to say here.

Some businesses we've worked with:

KMB & Co. _ Riverland Boat Hire
KMB & Co. _ Advice Services Australia
Penelope anfdCo Melbourne.png
KMB & Co. _ Wilde Blends
KMB & Co. _ Dear Lyla
KMB & Co. _ Sunday Rae
KMB & Co. _ Renmark River Cruises
KMB & Co. _ ACT Investments
Laelani Skincare.png

Kind words from Laelani Skincare:

"Kirsty’s professionalism and knowledge is second to none! I would highly recommend her and her business KMB & CO for any business who needs a little helping hand! Without Kirsty’s help and support my small business would not be what it is today!"

Kylie Sauvarin

Laelani Skincare

Wilde Blends | KMB & Co. Melbourne Busin

Kind words from Wilde Blends:

"Kirsty has such a high standard, very professional, great communication and really goes above and beyond for her clients.

I have managed to increase my sales, have a more cohesive website and my Customers have been raving about the more simplified website and way of shopping.

Thank you Kirsty I will be back!"

Stephanie Winmill

Wilde Blends

Penelope & Co | KMB & Co. Business Support Services

Kind words from Penelope & Co:

"Thank you to Kirsty from KMB & Co for her outstanding work on creating email outs for my launch of new products.

She was a pleasure to work with, she knew exactly what I wanted and even took it to the next level. I can’t wait to work with Kirsty again to continue helping my small business grow.

Thank you so much, Penelope."

Penelope Tsoukalis

Penelope & Co

Sunday Rae | KMB & Co. Melbourne Busines

Kind words from Sunday Rae:

"Huge thank you to Kirsty.
Kirsty looked over my website to make it more user-friendly. She did an awesome job and was very knowledgeable. Thank you

Renee Thomas

Sunday Rae

Advice Services Australia | KMB & Co. Business Support Services

Kind words from Advice Services Australia:

"As a small business there is always so many things on our “To Do” list!  You absolutely know there’s more you need to do with your website, social media, marketing, etc but it can be hard to find the time when you’re focusing on all of the other things that you need to do to run your business.  Kirsty created a wonderful new website for us.

It gives me peace of mind to know that Kirsty is working on our marketing including continuing to update our website, managing communications and our social media profiles.  Kirsty also has just the perfect approach when it comes to following me up for information!  We have been so pleased with her services.  Having Kirsty as part of our broader team is wonderful! "

Catherine Sharples-Rushbrooke

Manager & Director

Advice Services Australia